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  • Priyanshu Jindal

    Would love your building tools for ionic 2/angular 2 as the current build tools, though quite cool but are still struggling.

    • Jonathan Grupp

      Hi Pryanshu, we’re planning to transition to angular 2 / ionic 2 soon. Stay tuned!

  • Cp4nky

    “Exiting times” is really accurate. Aside of ionic/angular2 there was the release of electron 1.0 in may. Supporting electron would be a long term dream – for the ultimative one for all solution.

  • Don Ellingsworth

    Nice work with generator-m-ionic! I’ve been using it in my projects and Integration with Ionic Services is a huge plus. I’m sure the community would like to see that addressed in part 4!

  • p1nox

    Is there a way to use just for a regular ionic project?