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  • Marco

    “yo m-ionic:pair phone” I stopped reading at this point, the file structure is vary bad. You should avoid using a single folder for all controllers, you should avoid putting all your routes in a single file, the same for tests, and so on. Specially in an enterprise app.

    I’m working for a big ecommerce company in my country and we used this file structure inspired by Jhon Papa, Todd Motto and Martin Micunda:

    • Jonathan Grupp

      Hi Marco, I agree the file-structure is not ideal! It originates back before John Papa’s and Todd Moto’s guides became popular. However a multi-module structure can have it’s percs and is not as bad as you say and we have a variety of complex apps with nice architectures based on it.
      We’ve been thinking to update the project structure for quite a while, but as many people already rely on it, we don’t want make any hasty changes or ruin upgrade paths. Additionally up until now we always saw our time better invested in many of the features that are part of this series. So maybe you can give it a try and keep on reading 🙂

      • Mateo Tibaquirá Palacios

        Its weird to keep a faulty project structure. In the migration to Angular 2 / Ionic 2 people will have to stop thinking on update it and do it, because that’s not maintainable on non-small setups.
        Nice work there, but legacy stuff gotta go soon to get acceptation and success. Keep it up

  • Jeff

    I had to use:
    gulp –cordova “plugin add cordova-plugin-camera –save”

    cordova -v

    Your notation is from cordova 4.x.

    • Jonathan Grupp

      Hi Jeff. You’re absolutely right. I think I copied this command from our docs, which apparently I forgot to update since the cordova registry was deprecated. Sorry for the slip up. I’ll try to get this corrected.