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  • Kevin Rambaud

    Nice article, I look forward to read more.

  • Carlos Henrique

    Great article, i expect next .

  • aluknot

    v2 <3

  • Stefan

    cool! But it looks like this is version 1 only.

    • Jonathan Grupp

      Hi Stefan! It is. We’re transitioning to angular 2 / ionic 2 soon. We’d like to hear your feedback on the workflows before migrating them to the new stack.

      • aluknot

        i cant wait!!!!!!

    • Tuan Duong

      It seems that version 2 has lots of issues. I tried to convert my app (Ionic 1) using version 2. Following issues I experienced:
      – My Mac runs too hot.
      – No live-reload like version 1. My workaround is to use ‘DeepLinking’ feature and it worked, but it takes a long time to reload.
      – Most issues would jump into javascript code, not TypeScript. I guess that’s because there’s no map JS file when Ionic compiles TypeScript into Javascript. I used Angular 2 to build web app and if there’s any error it would jump into TypeScript (most of the time), not JS code.
      – The side menu button is slow to respond. I had to press 4 or 5 times to make it closed. This is a very simple issue but the Ionic team hasn’t fixed it yet.
      – The scrolling is very lagging. I don’t know why but my app using Ionic 1 scrolls very smooth while after converting into version 2, it’s very lagging.
      – And many more minor issues.

      In short, I guess the version that makes Ionic framework popular is version 1. And version 2 is very new, that’s why I has many issues. Angular 2 is good but it doesn’t mean that Ionic 2 is good as well. I hope the Ionic team would improve it.

  • Carlos Padillla

    Nice, really helpful

  • keeprock

    Are you v2 ready?