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  • Antonio Gallo

    i think you forgot ColdFusion 😛 just kidding mate!

    • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

      What’s that? 😉

      • David Frahm

        ColdFusion is how you connect that Ajax to your Filemaker Pro database. C’mon Ray, get with it! 😛

        • Antonio Gallo

          you won! 🙂

  • Corey

    A great humble post. I have loved following the Ionic platform for the last year or so. I have recently got into web development and am still learning the vast array of different languages and frameworks out there. I hit the Ionic Slack forums a few months back, not a newbie zone at all and I found it pretty hostile if you didn’t meet the high developer standard that many seemed to pertain to – it almost led to me walking away from Ionic. This post is a great reminder to all programmers that we all started out learning at some point and the path can be difficult. Todays newbs will be tomorrows customers for Ionic – when the paid business model is in motion – and we’ll the ones doing Ionic tutorials for the newbs. A great couple of vids from my fav Youtube programmer

  • eric_shinn

    I was with you all the way to the end… The only thing I would change is the Visual Studio Code (unless you’re cool with their agreements.)