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  • Ahmed D. Sherif
  • Rashid NK


  • Ramesh Chandramowli

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  • jarjarbuggle

    the “ionic plugin add …” command doesn’t work. “The plugin command has been renamed”

    • Jorge Vergara

      Now it’s “ionic cordova plugin add …..”

  • valmy roi

    Please how can i get the user’s infos in a page

  • Zakaryae MAZOUZI

    Can anyone help me out please, I keep getting the error message from facebook : invalid hash key even though i used the keytool to generate the base64 signature

    • Melwin Vincent

      Did you find any solution ?

  • Susen Yudha Graha

    thanks, working for me

  • Gian Franco Fioriello

    Thanks for this post!
    Can you tell me if there are a way to debug the app in a browser and not get the “cordova_not_available” error?